Good bumper plates are a must have for any fitness freak or professional athlete in their personal gym but how exactly would you know how to pick a good bumper plate if you are not aware of the characteristics of a good bumper plate in the first place? There are certain key elements that must be considered when making your final purchase. Keep in mind that high-quality bumper plates are not always cost-effective, so you do really need to know your stuff before choosing what suits your requirement the best.

The characteristics to consider

The bounce of the bumper plate is definitely a primary feature that must be considered. Some bumper plates come with an excessive bounce which may not always be ideal for a professional as the bounce might even present itself as an inaccurate representation of the weight you are handling. If you ask most professional weightlifters, they would look for a bumper plate which has almost a dead bounce. There are plenty of bumper plates for sale in the market with a low degree of bounce.

Another factor to consider is of course the weight of the bumper plate itself. High-quality brands guarantee the weight of the plate you purchase, as something even slightly lighter or heavier would not serve your purpose and not always bring out the best performance. A variation in weight makes all the difference if you are buying a set as you don’t want one plate being slightly heavier than the other as it would ruin that optimal balance you are looking for.

One more obvious factor to consider is the durability of the plate you purchase. There really is no point if you buy a cheaper plate to save a few bucks if it doesn’t last much more than a few months, it would make more sense to buy a more expensive durable plate especially if you have a strenuous requirement for it. Some bumper plates come with the weight printed on them which lasts for only a few months or so before it starts to chip, this again is not ideal as you want to be able to clearly identify the weight of the plate you are going to lift.

Where do you purchase it from?

It is not only the “what” but also the “where” you have to consider when making the purchase. If you are looking to buy a bumper plate from a brick-and-mortar store then it should be a specialized gym equipment store because they work with suppliers of notable brands in comparison to most generic sports shops. Specialized gym equipment stores also offer good warranties and even advice on how to best use their equipment for optimum results.

In this day and age, a good proportion of people purchase their gym equipment, even bumper plates on online platforms. Purchasing online maybe the easy option, however it would be wise to go through some reviews and comparisons first before making the final purchase. The drawback of purchasing a bumper plate online is that you cannot make any physical evaluation of the plate until it is actually delivered to you.

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