So your car managed to get a dent. It’s unsightly and it probably makes your heart ache as a proud car owner. No matter, there are several ways to fix the issue. Here’s what you need to know:

Use a Suction Cup Puller

Some minor dents can be safely undone without much work. Use a suction cup puller with a rubber cup to safely pop the vehicle body back into place. Be as gentle as possible. Remember, this only works for minor dents. If the first or second try doesn’t do the trick, stop. Don’t keep trying to undo a dent because you could end up making it worse. If the dent doesn’t come out, it’s best to just take it to a panel beater.

Find a Repair Specialist

There are excellent local smash repairs Wantirna speciality shops car owners can use to repair dents. If the dent is severe, you have no other option but to go to a repair shop. The professionals can put it back into place like new. Though it’s important to find a trustworthy panel beater. Find a shop with licensed mechanics who have lots of experience. You should get a quote right away. Read other customer reviews online to find the best auto shop in your area.

Use Boiling Water on Plastics

Trying to undo a dent on a plastic part of the car, like the bumper? Then using a plunger won’t help. You would first need to make the plastic more malleable. Do this by pouring boiling water on the bumper. The heat would dissipate quickly. Therefore, quickly reach behind to pop the dent back in place. Do this as quickly as possible. Remember, popping a dent back requires a lot of patience. You may have to try this once or twice. But make sure you are not causing even more damage by trying to pop it back into place.

Use the Amazing Properties of Physics to Get Your Car Fixed

Worried that using a plunger or boiling water might cause even further damage to your car? You can try something else that doesn’t involve touching the dent with anything. You would need a hair dryer and an air compressor. Use the hair dryer to heat up the dent area. The heat would cause the material to expand, especially the plastic. Then use the air compressor to blow cold air on the heated area. The cold causes particles to contract. By these physical properties, the dent is highly likely to pop back in the place. If it doesn’t you may have a serious dent that requires an auto mechanic.

Dry Ice May Work Too

Dry ice has great use for car owners who are too lazy to get their hands dirty. If the dent is minor, place some dry ice on it and leave it overnight. The cold should help pop it back in place the following morning. Take care when you handle dry ice and wear gloves at all times. This is a very simple and easy trick that work on shallow dents most of the time.

You can try any of the above to fix a dent in your car. It’s highly recommended however to go to a mechanic for the best results.

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