If your dog loves spending most of the time outdoors and running around the yard, you might be worried that he gets too far from your property and get lost. Installing a fence might seem like a good solution, however, it would cost you a lot especially when your property is large. This is when dog containment systems come in really useful. These devices are made for the purpose of containing your dog within the limits of your property, so it doesn’t wander off far outside.

Choosing the perfect dog containment system can be quite confusing especially with so many options available in pet stores. However, there are basic factors that would help you find the right one that suits your needs.

Size of the Area

First of all, you need to determine the size of the yard area that needs to be enclosed. Most likely, wider areas mean higher cost for containment system. There’s no need to enclose the whole yard since you could just set a safe zone for your dog to play in. You could place it anywhere around your property but be sure to keep it away from the road or busy pathways.

Finding the Perfect Spot

Next step is finding the perfect spot to set the safe paly zone for your dog. You could choose anywhere in your yard, whether it is the front or back yard. However, be sure that it has all the essential factors needed to keep your dog comfortable during his outdoor time. Look for a spot with a shade such as trees or canopy. If you’re living near the woods, place the system on an area that can’t be easily accessed by predators and other creatures that might harm your dog. When you know your dog, you’ll know the perfect spot that he will like the most.

Type of Containment System

Although building a fence is a common solution for many dog owners, there are some who find this system expensive to build. This is one of the reasons why electronic dog containment systems became so popular these days. They are more affordable than building wooden or metal fences and they are much efficient in keeping your dog in a specific safe zone when with proper training and discipline. Shop from the widest range of wireless dog fence systems in Australia. They also have wired fence systems for those who prefer it.

Additional Features

If there are some fun spots that your dog would love to explore such as a pond or a lake, it would be sad if he couldn’t enjoy it during his outdoor time. Set a barrier near that area so he could still access and enjoy that feature without going far beyond the safe zone. Be sure that the dog collar is waterproof so it doesn’t get damaged when your fur buddy is splashing around and having fun.

With the right dog containment system, there’s no need to worry about your dog running too far away from your property.

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