Broken glass in a home is not something that will be unusual. It happens a lot more than you think f you feel that it is just your kids breaking the windows with baseballs or basketballs. While many homeowners will say that they can replace the glass themselves transporting the new glass from the manufacturer to the house is the biggest challenge. However, if you want to try this out too, here are some of the ways in which you can accomplish this.

Get the Help from the Seller

Most large-scale manufacturers of glass like Barton Glass will have delivery services available for you. This way you really do not have to worry about cutting yourself while you transport the glass and you also do not have to worry about coming home to realize that the new glass is also broken. Always ask and see if they can arrange delivery for you.

Wrapping Glass in Tape

One more way you can think of transporting glass if the delivery services are not available is to wrap the cut edges of the glass with painter’s tape completely. Basically, place the tape so that you can fold it over the sides of the edges of the glass so that they are properly covered up. While you are applying the tape remember not to pull your fingers along the edge of the glass because the cut glass edges are just as sharp as a razor blade.

Foam Wrapping

You can also use foam instead of tape to wrap up the glass in as it offers better coverage all over the glass sheets or panes. It will also protect the glass from scratches. However, note that foam is not strong enough to resist large impacts on the glass. All you have to do is to lay the glass on the foam and then wrap it securely around the glass.

Cardboard Reinforcing

If you want something better than foam wrapping, wrap the glass in the thin foam sheet and then place it on a corrugated piece of cardboard. Use a pen or pencil to trace along the outline of the glass and then cut about four pieces of cardboard in this way. You can now create a sandwich with two pieces of cardboard at the bottom, the foam wrapped the glass in the middle and two more pieces of cardboard on the top. Tape it all off on the edges and you will have a better and more resistant way to transport glass.

Foam Pipes

If you want to improve the above method a bit more get an insulation pipe and cut the length of it according to the length of the cardboard with scissors or a utility knife. Fix one of this on the bottom edge of the cardboard and glass sandwich and another on the top edge. This will effectively stop the glass from sliding down out of the packing and breaking and it will also act as a shock absorber that will give you a lot of peace of mind too when you think about transporting glass.

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