Marking, signs, and symbols are a common yet essential requirement in public environments. These symbols and signs could denote different things. Here’s a list of places that essentially require different types of markings.

Car Parks

One of the key places you’d find road line markings is at the carparks. Whether it’s the parking area of a mall, a hospital, a hotel, or any public area for that matter, you are likely to find markings of some sort. These markings can be very important, because they’re mostly done for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians or passers-by. Some of these markings may imply directions – to direct you to the exit of the park, or to the entrance of the hospital, the mall or the respective building.

In some instances, this is marked with the word itself such as ‘Exit’ on the floor. There are also other markings that are like signals, more or less. At the hospital car park for instance, you’d see markings or a simple illustration that indicates handicap patients. This is a clear indication that the particular parking slot is only meant for the disabled.


You may not think of this, but some kinds of road markings are required within school premises, too, and sometimes outside. For instance, the basketball court will require markings that reflect the rules of the sport. Without these markings, a game would become almost impossible because they are the basis of the game.

Basically, a game cannot take place without these key markings, and so, the school needs to make sure these markings are done or re done when necessary. You may want to get it done properly by experts using high quality material so that you won’t have to keep re doing it too often. You should be able to find some great services in Brisbane itself.

Sport Events

Grounds stadiums, and sporting arenas require markings, too. These need to be done neatly and perfectly, and long lasting, too. Big sport venues often host large scale events, and they wouldn’t want to take a chance when it comes to making all the important markings for various kinds of sport events.

Public Roads

In case you may not have noticed, the publics streets you walk on everyday have essential markings on them, too. They don’t necessarily have to be a highway. Any street or lane that may involve the slightest risk if accidents are likely to have markings of some sort. They may indicate crossings, signals, or arrows of direction. They may also use symbols in the form of words such as ‘U Turn’.


Airport runways have large and prominent markings as directions for pilots. Come to think of it, these may require the highest quality markings owing to excessive exposure to heat and of course, friction from excessive usage.

Most markings you see in the public imply safety in one way or the other. It’s important to get them done right, not just in terms of using quality services, but also in terms of using the correct ones where required.

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