A lot of products are shipped and delivered all throughout the globe in a single day. As a business owner, you know how important packaging and shipping your products is when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customers expect to receive the products they have ordered to arrive at their best condition and you could achieve this by using the right packing materials for your product.

There are plenty of packing supplies out there and the choice depends on what products you are planning to put in it. However, there are several supplies that are commonly used by almost all businesses in packing their products. Read along and learn more about them.

Corrugated Cardboard Box

One of the most popular types of packing supply is the corrugated cardboard box. It has a fluted or corrugated inner part which serves as a cushioning and is sandwiched in between an inner and outer flat cardboard layer. It is very versatile and can be used to pack almost any type of products – whether it is retail or wholesale.

You could even have custom made ones based on the size that you need for your product. For instance, if you need to pack electronics and other small gadgets, flat pack boxes are great since it doesn’t leave much empty and keeps your product steady inside. You could even have it custom printed with your brand logo to increase brand awareness.

Rigid Boxes

Have you noticed those dense small boxes used in some product packaging? Those are called rigid boxes. Rigid boxes are made from highly condensed paperboard, making it extra durable and strong than regular boxes. These boxes are commonly used to pack fragile or expensive items such as jewelleries and gadgets. Aside from being heavily durable, it is also highly customizable – from prints, textures, and many more.

Bubble Wraps

Although bubble wraps aren’t really used alone as a packing material, it is an essential part in every package especially if your item needs extra protection. Bubble wraps serve as a cushion for your item, protecting it from the impact outside.

It also provides better insulation to protect your item against extreme temperature changes which could cause damage to it. Bubble wraps work good for smaller items. If you’re wrapping bigger ones, you could opt for air bags which does almost the same thing as bubble wraps.


Styrofoam is commonly used as a dunnage since it can be moulded into the precise shape of your product where you could place the item snugly. Styrofoam provides great insulation and even absorbs shock a lot better than just a regular box. It is commonly used in fragile items such as appliances and gadgets to provide extra protection during transport of these products.

There are still plenty of packing materials out there and it is all up to you on which one works best in providing the right protection for your product. Be sure to choose the right one so your customers receive their orders at best condition.

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