Mirrors aren’t just made for intimate personal use, and artwork isn’t just created to bring about someone’s talent!

They are greatly used to add a decorative touch to your interior.  They are also used to showcase the personality and taste of the home-owner.  From living rooms to bedrooms as well as bathrooms use mirrors and artwork to bring about stunning beauty to the interior.

Tips to Decorate an Empty Wall with Mirrors

  1. A neutral and boring living room can be enriched by hanging a pair of large window-like mirrors
  2. The space above the mantelpiece is usually a good place to add a large square mirror or a quartet of small round mirrors.  They then reflect the assortment of ornaments set on the mantelpiece
  3. Your master bedroom makes a statement about your personality when its gallery wall is lined with reassuring photographs and an ornate gilt mirror
  4. A gold-tinted reflect legitimately over a cupboard that is topped with ginger containers, platters and bowls of earthenware production fills in as a lovable emphasize piece
  5. Small twin or trio of mirrors at the entryway adds a rustic feel to the home
  6. An over-scale mirror hanged overlooking a captivating natural scenery adds drama and elegance to your living room 
  7. A wall of floor-to-ceiling-mirrors can spell contemporary in your living room

Tips to Decorate an Empty Wall with Artwork

  1. What you love is what you should buy.  It will give you great pleasure every time you see it, and surround you
  2. Art should be enjoyed at a natural level.  So, hang it approximately at the eye-level
  3. Have your artwork grouped over the middle third or half of the focal point, in equal distance to each other
  4. Start at the centre with a few pictures.  Gradually over time, you can fill the wall space around the cluster, building a collage
  5. Small artwork brings effect
  6. Black picture frames do not compete with the artwork, rather they give an elegant boundary to the art
  7. Mat finish portrays the subdued beauty of the artwork

Hanging the Mirrors and Artwork

The challenge is how to hang the mirrors and artwork in the perfect position on the walls to create the optimum effect and make your home an elegant place to live.  A laser level can be your solution! 

There are various types of laser levels for sale.  A cross-line laser can be a cheap and the exact solution for you!  A tasteful homeowner will want to hang art, pictures and mirror perfectly and quickly. 

Tips to Use A Laser Level to Hang Images

  1. Decide the stature for the highest point of the picture edge and spot any place at this tallness
  2. Adjust the level so that the bubble sits between the black lines on the vial
  3. Turn on the laser level and line up the laser with imprint on a level plane along the divider
  1. At the point when the laser is level and it goes through the imprint, connect it to the divider snugly
  2. Measure the distance between the top of the picture frame to its unique hanging mechanisms
  3. Measure this distance on the wall, from the laser down to the point where the mechanism meets the wall
  4. Mark the spot
  5. Punch a nail into the wall at the marked spot
  6. Place the picture frame on the nail and line up the top of the picture frame with the laser

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