To win a construction project requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There are tons of construction companies that specialize in different construction types, and it would be a great challenge to be awarded one. But as a new builder in this industry, how will you be able to survive and stay in the competition? Here are some few good tips shared by veteran builders in the industry of construction.

Simplify Your Bid

When making a bid, it is best to simplify your language rather than make it complicated to your potential clients. If you want your message gets across and be understood, it would be better to be straightforward. Avoid flowery words and a lengthy introduction. Present your bid in a manner that you have the best building solutions. As much as possible, when it comes to estimation, it’s better to use a construction management tool like BuildXact NZ that veteran builders use.

Make Use Of Your Experiences

To land a good bid, use your past experiences to attract your client to choose you to be their builder. If you have just started in this venture but have experience in this area, you can make use of that. Ask for recommendations from colleagues that are in the same industries and build your connections with other builders who have been in the industry for years.

Make Your Payment Scheme Easy To Deal With

Some clients would make their payments using the digital money, so be prepared with that. Others use credit cards for bids. Aside from this, you should be able to set up accounts for wire transfers just in case your potential client prefers scheme of payment.

Evaluate Your Bids Before You Present It To Your Clients

Before you submit your proposal make sure that the data you are going to show is the same as the requirement that your potential client provides. One of the most common errors committed in bids is the wrong use of units in the measurement which makes it confusing to the clients. Keep in mind that it might leave an impression to your clients that you are not careful with relevant information.

Ensure That Your Bids Are Neat And Organized

Your work ethics can be reflected by the attempts you are going to present. Before you hand in your papers, it is best proofread it first and check if there are stains or dirt in the paper. If it is too thick, it would be better to bind them and use ear tabs to help your clients browse through your bid.

Be On Time

Make sure that you will be able to submit your bid on time. It also reflects on your ability to manage your time when it comes to accomplishing the task. Remember that every proposal has a deadline so be very attentive on how are you going to spend your time in preparing your bid. Instead of waiting for the last moment, it would be better to pass your proposal ahead of time.

These are some of the useful tips that you can use to win a bid. You have to practice a good working ethic and should be consistent with it.


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