With New Year’s right around the corner, the urge to celebrate will have reached its peak by now. What better way to celebrate this new chapter in our lives than an awesome BBQ party that keeps everyone warm on the cold nights?

Make Your Garden Ready

Since BBQ parties are held outdoors, obviously, maintaining a fresh garden is a must. This will amp up the look of your garden and make your house look as welcoming as the New Year is meant to be. This does not mean you have to purchase a lawn mower, you could ask careful hands that are trained for the job to do it for you. Always select a professional company from the myriad of lawn mowing Melbourne services. They always tend to do the job well and quick. Check your selected company’s site for reviews if you want more assurance.

Make Your House Ready Too

Don’t just stop at the garden, you don’t want your house to be the opposite of your garden that would definitely throw your guests off! Make sure it’s swept, vacuumed and smells great!

Don’t Always Use Expensive Stuff

If you have a large guest list and your children, if you have any, are also allowed to add their own guests to the list, I would advise you not to take out the dishes and glasses that were meant for the queen of England. Try to use paper plates and cups if it is possible. This would avoid unfortunate events of losing a plate member of the dish family that you hold dearest!

Food and Drinks

Well, I think I may not need to mention that a BBQ means lots of grilled meat, sausages and vegetables. But also try to add something different like some pasta, a yummy salad or some well-cooked and seasoned fried rice or noodles to complement the food. This might keep the meals vegetarian friendly too. Don’t forget the fries, crisps and dip!

As for drinks beer, some whisky or some fine wine if you dare to be classy (don’t forget to pair some good cheese with the wine). As for the young ones or people who choose against booze, some great fizzy drinks or cans would do.


Well, a BBQ might not call for dessert but have some ice cream if you have any adventurous souls that are going to be present.

Adding Something Extra for Longer Than the Party

If you want to make some changes to how your house looks, or to add something new for the New Year, why not consider a set of swings or some outdoor benches? This will benefit you greatly for any parties in the future or for a daily outdoor family gathering for tea as you enjoy the nature. If you are up for this you might as well make it a regular habit to maintain a fresh garden to complement your new additions. This might also make you spend more time outdoors than being camped indoors, which is great for your soul and health.


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