Bricks are the ideal building materials for creating many structures like houses, walkways and support structures. They have a high level of durability and they can also be adapted to suit many different uses but most of the time you are going to find the need to cut them so that they can fit into the spaces that you are looking to fill in. there are many ways to accomplish this and luckily for you there are many different ways for you to accomplish this.

Draw a Line to Indicate the Area You Are Going To Cut

Place the brick on a flat area and hold the using a ruler or layout square draw a line in pencil first. Rotate the brick and draw the remaining lines too until all four of the lines are completed. You will need to make sure that the top and bottom lines are parallel to each other or you will be making the cut in a crooked manner.

Use the Saw

You can actually buy brick cutting blades that you can use with your power saw in order to cut along the line you have just drawn. You should use a pair of vice grips to stop the blade from moving and loosen the centre bolt using a wrench. Add the small rim under the belt of the tool (this is also known as the flange in some cases) and remove the old blade that was on the saw. You can now fix the new blade that can cut through the brick. Now grip the handle with your left hand and place the right hand on the shield of the blade. Practice moving the tool with your left hand and make sure that you are comfortable enough to use the saw. This is very important. Hold it steady and push the blade against the object that you are cutting to see how stable it is. It should remain in its place without budging. If the object is slipping around, place a mat underneath to increase the friction.

Use the Cold Chisel

Once the lining has been done according to the parts that you are going to cut, place the object or the bricks on a flat surface and align the sharp end of the cold chisel that you use at a go degree angle to the line that you drew. Now hammer it in gently while moving along the cutline and alternate the angle of the chisel according to the direction of the object. Remember that you should not chisel all the way through and that after you have gone all around there should be like a quarter inch cut along the line you drew. Do not hammer too hard or you might break off the entire block. After this you will be able to actually remove the part that you want to by gently hammering with the chisel. These are two of the most used and most effective ways to cut through bricks smoothly.

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