Wherever you go, you will most likely have a bag with you. Whether you are traveling or shopping, a bag is one indispensable companion. It is where you put your essentials to make shopping or traveling more comfortable than stressful. This is why choosing the right bag will prove to be very helpful for you. One good example of a bag that meets your needs and preferences is the one that’s referred to by many as the “tote bag”. But, how do you choose the best tote bags? Check out the following tips:

Know the Perfect Size

Knowing the perfect size is not just applicable to buying a pair of shoes. You have to know what size will most likely fit everything you need to put in it. If you are going to use your tote bag for travel and would like to have it as your carry-on bag then make sure it is small and lightweight enough for you to put all your important belongings while on a plane. If you use it for work and you plan to put your laptop, folders or books in it, then choose the bag with a size in which your laptop will most likely fit. A small and slim tote would be great if you plan to just carry your tablet, mobile phone and wallet.

Consider Your Gender

There are totes specifically designed for women, children, and men. If you are used to bringing a backpack but feel you’ve already grown enough to dispose of such kind of bag, then you may choose a leather bag. A leather tote bag will also be perfect for men since it exudes such a manly look. It will surely fit your description of a “grown-up bag”. Women who like to project a smart yet simple look all day long may opt for canvas tote bags Australia.

Find Some Inspiration

If you are not sure which type of tote bag is perfect for your outfit or for the occasion, might as well check out Instagram and look for inspiration. There you will be able to gain a lot of ideas as to which tote bag to buy that is suitable not only for your outfit but for the occasion as well. Also, you can ask a friend who loves to collect tote bags and ask for ideas. Or, you can stalk your favourite celebrity online or anyone who is known to be fashionable and very particular with bags.

Think About the Season

The best tote bag would be those that you won’t have trouble pairing with your outfit no matter what the season is. It is also best to choose a tote bag that is versatile in a sense that you can use it on any occasion. Opt for neutral colours such as caramel brown, black, beige or navy.


Most of all do not choose a bag that is heavy even when it is empty. Otherwise, you will only be setting yourself up for a chore all throughout the time. Before finally buying one, test drive it. That is, put it on your shoulder and try carrying it around the shop to see if it does not exhaust your shoulder.


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