Are you someone who is fond of extraordinary aesthetics? Someone who wants to hang multiple pieces of paintings in their home and look at them every day? Or are you a painter yourself who’d like to preserve their life’s work tirelessly? A very common question that arises when it comes to art and framing is how to achieve the latter without destroying the original quality of the former. In order to prevent pieces of art from falling prey to the harsh conditions of time most of us tend to frame them in order to preserve them in their initial beauty. Here are a few tips you can use when framing to make sure that the frame still captures its originality.

Painting Style

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the painter’s style and the style of art they’ve used in their creation. For example fitting a painting with a colour palette of muted colours with a bright red frame will completely destroy the idea and feeling behind the painting and will most certainly highlight the frame instead of the product the artist has so painstakingly devoted their time to create. Similarly a landscape painting wouldn’t do well in a decorated frame as opposed to a plain one that will bring out the art. Therefore when picking frames make sure you pick the one that suit’s the style of the painting.

Where You’re Hanging It

One of the most common mistakes we make when framing our work of art or even any picture is forgetting to coordinate them with where we’re hanging them. Even though it may look absolutely beautiful in your hand with an outstanding frame that enhances the quality of the art as soon as it goes on the wall it was supposed to, it can destroy the entire effect in seconds. Your walls may be plain or they may be covered in other pieces of art of pictures but either way it’s quite a huge expanse to take into account. So before you pick a frame make sure it matches the wall or other surrounding pictures while simultaneously making sure it protects the picture you’re trying to frame.

Multilayered Frames

Another problem that can occur when it comes to framing is the aforementioned one of paintings hanging too close to one another. However, multilayered frames can prove to be a solution for this. In order to work around the picture factory already on your wall and still protect the originality of your new piece a multilayered frame would be the perfect fit. It would provide you with the necessary space to your work of art to appear independently on its own.

Glass Frames

The winner of all frames personally I can’t find anything better than a glass frame. Yes, they may prove to be heavy sometimes and most definitely fragile but when handled with care will allow you to gain the best out of a frame and make sure the art retains its initial charm. Not only that, glass will make sure the painting is protected from dust and all other conditions that seek to harm it. Therefore, glass frames are something that is definitely worth looking into.

Paintings and framing go hand in hand together. However picking the right frame for your art is something you need to pay attention to. These are only a few points that may be useful to you on the subject. For more information please conduct a more thorough research.

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