People have different interests in life. Some like to be a popular artist, dancer or singer, while the others simply want to be a psychic reader. It may sound like an odd job to do for you, but a lot of people are getting more interested in it. Psychic reading is a combination of acting and mind manipulation. And if your intuition is good, you can try it as your main work or a sideline. If you want to become a psychic reader, continue reading below.

Set Up Your Table

Set up your table for your psychic reading gig. The table can be small and it should have a lace table cloth on top, candles and incense. Make sure that materials are all complete, too. Make everything real as much as possible so your potential client will be convinced more that you are a legit psychic reader. And don’t forget to provide chairs where they can sit with ease.

Show a Sympathetic Personality

Show a sympathetic personality by making an eye contact, giving a smile and non-confrontational body language to name a few. Tell your client to use your medium to connect with each other and that includes full attention. Explain to your client that you are there to help him or her, whatever his or her concern is, and that you will use your special gift that you have improved over the past few years, with hard work and regular practice.

Know What They Want To Talk About

Be like a friend to your client. Know his or her issues in life. It can be about health, career, education, love or travel. Ask your client what he or she needs to find out about each and make sure you are ready to give your advice or statement. After that, you can ask a special item from your client for referencing. It can be a piece of jewellery, box of photographs, clock, book, etc.

Use A Little of Scientific Knowledge

Don’t be scared to use a little scientific knowledge when you are doing your psychic reading gig. Use books to appear professional and that you know what you are doing.

Tell Them What They Need To Hear

Tell your client what he or she needs to hear. It can be about his or her financial life like “All your financial problems will be solved.” Moreover, it will help him or her become inspired to work harder or look for a job if he or she is unemployed.

Know the Rituals

Know the rituals before you start your psychic reading gig like praying for guidance from God, using different aromas, setting the lighting in the room, blessing your client’s cards, wearing the right outfit, and the list goes on.

Oracles of Divination

There are oracles of divination and you have to know each. For example, Astrology, Aura Readings, and Psychometric to name some. Why? So you will know which one works for you best.

Just like any type of job out there, you have to know that Psychic reading isn’t easy. It requires a lot of practice.

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