Each and every one of us has a duty and certain responsibility towards our country. Here are a few characteristics of a good citizen.

Knows the Country In And Out

A true citizen knows all about his country, this includes the history of his/her country and as well as be updated with the current situation. For example, if there is an issue in the parliament you will have to be updated with it. Similarly, if a particular president won his elections you should know how many people voted for him. If you are someone who has newly migrated to another country, it could be for studies or it could be for good, even then you will have to show an interest in that country’s history. This not only makes you a good citizen but also increases your knowledge about different things. For example, there is an interesting history as to why Taj Mahal was built. So knowing the country in and out would be your first step towards becoming a good citizen.

Be More Responsible and Treat Your Surroundings Well

Yes, you read that right a good citizen would be much more responsible and aware of his/her actions. In today’s world almost all the firms are using up both renewable and non-renewable resources in order to make money and thus promote economic growth. This is why you cannot stop companies and individuals to completely stop doing it else the economy will go down. However, they could make it up for every damage they make. For example, the government should impose a strict rule where when firms cut trees, for every one tree they cut they should plant two trees. This could be costly for firms as they will have to hire more workers to complete the additional work, but in long run, it will benefit as the country wouldn’t have to face with issues like global warming. Moreover, a good citizen would never leave it on the government to take up measures to clean the environment, this is because it is solely not their duty to do it. Each of us has a contribution to make when it comes to cleaning up. For example, you could at least try to keep your area clean. This could be done by having a negotiation with your neighbours where all of you could take turns to clean up the common areas such as corridors. Once you have cleaned it up, you could call up a reputed company like the best skip bin hire Melbourne to get rid of all the rubbish.

Trying Eco-Friendly Methods

Lastly, a responsible citizen could go out of his/her comfort zone and do things which not only benefit him but also the society in general. For example, cars which run on petrol are not very eco –friendly so individuals could switch to hybrid cars which run on battery. Apart from that, you could try to do things like car-pooling this will go easy on the pocket as you won’t have to pay the full amount of the ride and will also have a great reduction in traffic congestion.

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