Bankruptcy can result in loss of all your property and also has an impact on your credit. Because of such serious consequences, bankruptcy should be treated as the last resort. However, it is better to avoid bankruptcy first rather than seeking for solutions in the last minute. So here are some tips for you to consider to run your business without having to bother about bankruptcy.

Cut Off Your Expenses

You have to focus on reducing your amount of debt by allocating as much money as possible every month. This can also mean that you will have to cut down unnecessary expenses and making sacrifices. You have to avoid all the discretionary spending for things like excessive clothing, movies, dinner outs, etc. You can also try reducing the food and utility costs and moving to a smaller house if required because providing your credit will ensure that you get enough financing.

Negotiate with Creditors

It is better if you can contact your creditors as soon as you realize that you are unable to make the monthly payments. Even though there is no guarantee, some creditors might agree to reduce fees, interest rates or change payment terms. However, you have to stick to the agreement you made with a creditor after the negotiation because most creditors are not willing to negotiate twice.

Prioritize Debts

You have to have a proper plan as to the way of payment before taking a debt. You can focus on the absolute necessities like housing, food, utilities, transportation and any legal obligations. Then you can focus on the debts. Choose the debts with the highest interest rates and make payments as much as possible for such debts and move on to the next highest and so on. Make minimum payments to the necessities and other debts. Make sure you do not miss out the payment dates in order to avoid penalties.

Stay Away from Debt Settlement Services

There are companies which provide debt settlement services are being offered in order to negotiate a settlement with your creditors for a fee. Such fees most of the time ca be a percentage from the total amount of debt.  There will be no guarantee that these companies would provide you with the best relief for your problems. Therefore, it is better to avoid these types of services.

Be Aware of Debt Consolidation Loans

This type of loans might seem like a quick fix for your debt problems. You get a loan with monthly payment and use it to settle all the other debts. However, if you get a home equity loan as the debt consolidation loan, your home will be used as collateral. You risk losing your home if you fall behind on the interest and fees of such loan. So, this is not a solution for your debts. Therefore, get bankruptcy advice from a professional in order to avoid making worse decisions with regard of your debts

Seek Debt Management Services

Debt management services offered by non-profit organizations are a good option if you are unable you handle your debts alone. These services are not free but is lesser than the fees charged for debt settlement services.

Situations vary from person to person. Because of that bankruptcy might be the best option for one person and the worst decision for another person. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider all the options you have before you make a decision.

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