Life is already stressful but when you have to keep an eye on your toddler while cooking, working or even cleaning life becomes just a bit more tiring. Making sure they are occupied while not getting into trouble may hinder your ability to get any work done.

It is important to constantly watch over them to keep away from any accidents. Over the years however there have been plenty of tactics to achieve this through trial and error. There is no foolproof method for this but here are a few things you can try to make sure your toddler is busy enough to give you a small breather.

Make a playpen

If you toddler is not at their climbing phase yet, a playpen is an ideal way to keep them busy and safe for a while. A playpen is a fixture that can be moved but is high enough to make sure your toddler will not get out without a fight. Fill the playpen with toys or anything they like to play with while you get your chores done. This is ideal if you have more than one toddler and you need to keep them all occupied.

Sand box

Did you it is crucial that a toddler play in sand or at least with play dough sand in order to develop their fine motor skills. Get a small sand box ready in a balcony or a place that can be cleaned easily. Fill it up with toys and let your toddler go nuts for a while.

They will enjoy picking up the sand, you can even help them to make a small sand castle and get them excited about it. While you will need to keep an eye out for them this will give you a tiny window to focus on something else.

Let them copy you

If we admit it, as kids we did enjoy playing house or kitchen with alongside our parents. Get them a wooden toy kitchen and let them cook with you. Children enjoy copying adults so this is a great idea to have your toddler near you while being occupied. You can even help them cook in their toy kitchen to entertain them further. This acts as a great bonding practice too and gives you and your toddler some quality time together.

Give them something to watch

When you need some time away to get work done you can always have them watch something. Put on a cartoon or kids movie and let them loose track of time. You can always sit by them while you work so they know you are there. If you are a working parent this may be the best solution. However, it is important that you should not make this a habit.

Swap roles

If you and your partner are both at home with your toddler, making time for work can become a little easier. Switch baby watching duty according to each other’s schedules.

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