When you choose a freight forwarder, you need to make sure they can deliver your products to the destination in a timely manner. The supply chain should be managed by a professional company that has sufficient experience in the industry.

Whether you are looking for intrastate or interstate transport, you have to consider the experience of the company. Especially international shipments can be quite complicated so the freight forwarder should have sufficient experience in the industry to deal with any issues that can come up. They will be able to provide customised warehousing solutions and help with issues that can come up in customs in different countries and routing lines. You can ask how long the company has been in operation to get an idea of how well they are prepared for emergencies such as strikes and shutdowns of ports. There is a global network that will be required so that all freight services can be carried out smoothly. If there are several countries that you are exporting to and importing from, you need to check whether the freight forwarder has a strong network in those countries.

Depending on the freight forwarder, there are different services that are provided. You have to check which services are important to you and the level of competence the freight forwarder shows for those fields. The freight forwarder should have sufficient experience in air freight, sea freight and other methods of transportation. Even if you are focusing on intrastate transportation, your company may expand in the future when interstate freight is required. In that situation, the freight forwarder should be able to scale up with your company and provide diverse services. You can ask others who are in a similar industry about the freight forwarders they use. You can ask for references and recommendations. Make sure that you double check the recommendations as well.

Check with the freight forwarder whether they carry memberships in certain global associations that hold them to a certain standard in the industry. To be eligible for membership of certain professional organisations will require the company to have updated insurance, strong global networks and required contracts. Cargo insurance is very important when you are shipping high value goods across the ocean. Check with the freight forwarder about the type of insurance coverage they have. There can be so many things that you will need to discuss with the freight forwarder. There can be changes in the products that you are shipping and this will require different packaging options. Therefore, you need to work with a company that has responsive and efficient customer service. You can contact customer service to ask for further information about the company to see how well they respond to you and whether they provide detailed answers. There should be a plan in place when it comes to emergencies so you have to ask whether the freight forwarder has an alternative in the case of issues. This will require multiple networking contracts.

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